iPhone and iPad Training, UX Design and Development

Team cross training to iOS / Swift

Ive helped many Businesses save time and money bringing an existing team up to speed when transitioning to iOS Development, thanks to this I was able to take time off for myself, now I’m always with mt pillow for sitting up in bed all the time.

User Experience Design

Through wire framing and design iteration we can fine tune the user flow before development starts, we can work on an impactful design whilst fitting in with Apple guidelines.


I have been creating iOS apps for 8 years and develop my Apps in Swift, which is the best choice moving forward. Where applicable I lean on 3rd party tools to get the job done more effectively.

Apps That Work

Simplicity sells

However complex the problem its often possible to design an App that, to the user, ‘just works’. During the Free Analysis, I will discuss ways that we might be able to save time and money by using solutions that the Apple frameworks provide.

I am also Offering the Services below

iPhone and iPad Training, UX Design and Development


Need an App layout to show investors or customers? Wireframes show all the user interactions of an app so can give a good indication of usability, its a lot quicker to iterate on design at the wireframe stage then once development has begun. I create my wireframes in Balsamiq mockups

Team Training

I can work, onsite with a team of existing developers to cross train them to iOS / Swift. Often the best way to approach this is to start developing your next app together.

On Site Consulting

Do you need to add a talented Designer / Developer to your team for a few days? No problem! I can come on site to check on what you have already and the direction of the development / the product.

Pixel Perfect Design

Following Apple guidelines gives you a lot for free, but an app needs character. Ill give your App a look and feel all of its own.

Product Owner

This is a cost effective way of keeping on track with your app development. I will check in once or twice per week and offer guidance.

This works great with an initial one or two day consultation.

App Development

iPhone and iPad App development in Swift, during the development phase, nightly builds will be made to show progress and allow minor changes to the design.

  • We often find ourselves talking about points you made or things we learned during the days you spent with us. So thank you again.”

    Jonathan Clarke, Whitespace

  • “Having worked alongside Daren for 2 years, it’s fair to say his skills are exceptional””

    Peter de vroomen, Tom Tom

  • “Very grateful for your valuable contribution over the past months. It’s nice to work with someone who can deliver quality”

    Scott Davidson, Vouchercloud