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Startups: beware of ‘A Passion for Development’ when hiring!

07 Jul

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The term passion is passed around a lot nowadays, and passion for development is highly important, most developers are self taught, and becoming proficient requires passion. Programming isn’t something that can be effectively taught, it requires self tuition an inquisitive mindset and the learning time to be self driven and fun. You wont find a decent programmer that doesn’t love programming.
Passion for development is great, and if a developer can be paid for what they love, even better.

Being passionate about development can be a double edged sword though. Sure you will get well engineered solutions, and you can bet that they will be working more hours than the CEO, but developers often have little regard to launch dates or end user requirements. Your product could end up with a user interface similar to a 1980s VCR.

Additional Passions that create a well rounded App Developer

There are though, other passions that you need to look out for which a sutable App Developer will possess in spades.

A Passion for the Problem / Product Space

Having a passion for the problem space and the solution as a whole can save so much time communicating changes or the initial design to the developer. You need an app developer to be able to work with you during the design, suggesting ways in which similar problems have been solved in other online computer game  apps, or perhaps making small adjustments to the design to use a free component. If they don’t care about the solution you wont get much help here.

A Passion for Simplicity

A good developer will look at a design and offer ways in which to simplify it, the best solution is nearly always the simplest, this will give a good indiction of their passion for products in general.

A Passion for the Platform

If your developer is constantly bitching the platform that you are hiring them to develop for, look elsewhere,they wont be interested in it now, or in the future. They are probably already onto something else already.

A Passion for Technology

Try and find out about their interests, yes, its great to be an Ironman in your spare time, and any hobbies which show commitment and drive are a good thing, but did you also get LoL chatting before the interview started about the latest and greatest gadget? even better if its something that aligns with your roadmap.

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