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How to create an app if you aren’t technically minded

26 Jul

pablo (5)

Do you have an idea for an app but have absolutely no idea where to even look to learn how to get an app made? Do you fall asleep at night dreaming of creating a small app business and and working from a beach, well maybe I can help!

I am and always will be a geek, I love technology, I love the problems and solving them. But I know that most people do not. I deal every day with non technical people helping turn their ideas for apps into products on the app store. I know that above the technical stuff, I can speak your language and help show you just the bits that you need to know such as…

1.Going from ideas to something that you can hand to a developer.

2.Hiring developers

3.Managing a team, and knowing what they are doing and being able to make important technical decisions.

4.Getting your apps onto the app store


For the first part (Going from ideas to something that you can hand to a developer.) I’ve developed a completely free course, which may be all you need, it is in three easy to follow steps, turning those ideas into something called wireframes that show exactly how the app will work. You will be able to ‘virtually test’ the app with customers even at this stage and it wont have cost you anything. This is vital as many ideas wont resonate with your customers, so if we can prove that they are a failure that can be seen as a major success, and either come up with a new idea, or pivot the original idea into something else (based on feedback from the wireframes) and eventually hand these to a developer.

Try out part one here….