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Here are 5 stages in creating an app using the ‘Lean Startup’ methodology

19 Dec

1. Design
You will need to have a complete understanding of how your app is going to work, try out many apps that are similar to your idea and use a Mac application such as Balsamiq Mockups to design the screens, draw connections from each button (or gesture) to show either which screen will be shown or what will happen to the current screen due to the users interaction.

2. Iterate
Show your wireframe to your audience (not your friends or family) to see if the idea resonates with them and try to gain feedback. From this feedback make changes to your app to streamline the experience and possibly to remove features (great), or add new ones (not so good). once your design is revised go out again and show your target audience, the main aim here is to end up with the absolute simplest solution to solve your users problem.

3. Building the Team
Now you are fully happy with your design, find a developer… the best place to look is linked in. Try and look for a developer that is happy to work with you closely and can communicate their intentions well. you should aim to get as much value as possible from the developer. its all to easy for a developer to go off into their own world for a few days doing something completely different than your hoped for. Also id suggest that you meet with them first and contact their previous clients to see how things went. Contact me directly for the rate you should be paying them.

4. Development
When the development starts, you will need some form of device deployment setup, fabric, buddy build, hockey app are a few, these allow you to install the app each time the developer commits changes to the code (thats another term for programming). this feedback cycle is critical to keeping the app development on course. I suggest that you spend at least a few hours per day with the developer and make yourself available at ALL times. Often app development is initially quite swift, seeing large improvements. But be warned, the difficult phase of development is the last 20%, which can easily take 80% of the time. It will help the developer be most effective at this stage if you are throughly testing the app with each iteration. DO NOT underestimate how much work you will have to do during the development stage to get the absolute best out of the developer.

5. Deployment
Now its time to deploy the app, again this will require your time.. to decide which screenshots to use and to generate copy for the app store. The developer will upload the app for you and possibly use an automated solution such as BuddyBuild.

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