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Whitespace – iOS Team Training

With an existing app in development, a team of programmers of the highest caliber, and a development process that is already using Lean, I was surprised when they asked me to do a few days of on site training.

The team had developed an app, that, while both from a feature and technology point of view had all bases covered, they were new to iOS and hadn’t taken advantage, or knew how best to translate the required features and the technology over to an experience that an iPhone or iPad user would expect.

Of course this problem isn’t unique to Whitespace, and if anything what they achieved was amazing given their lack of platform experience, its one that I see time and time again.

Without the platform knowledge its a neigh on impossible task to make a decision that will trade off design and development effort with user experience.

  • We often find ourselves talking about points you made or things we learned during the days you spent with us. So thank you again.”

    Jonathan Clarke, Whitespace

  • “Having worked alongside Daren for 2 years, it’s fair to say his skills are exceptional””

    Peter de vroomen, Tom Tom

  • “Very grateful for your valuable contribution over the past months. It’s nice to work with someone who can deliver quality”

    Scott Davidson, Vouchercloud