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03 Dec

Realistic Mobile App Design, Development and Estimating

  Realistic Mobile App Design, Development and Estimating Founders and CEOs contact me regularly to sort out problems left by teams that have massively underestimated the development time and cost of a mobile app. Whether this is inexperience or blatant undercutting to get winning bids, this is a trend that

20 Sep

Drum Test

The purpose of the app is to take a string that expresses a drum in tablature format. I understand that you migt not understand this so by all means ask me as many quiestions as you need to so that you fully understand the problem. I prefer to work in

08 Jul

4 ways becoming an Ironman doubled my Productivity

  Ive been developing apps for over 30 years now, Id always subscribed to the belief that time spent at the computer was the only way to affect the quantity and quality of my output. In 2010 I started training for my first Ironman. Id not done any physical training